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When you need help hiring the best people for your company, you have choices. Big firms. Small shops. Contingency agencies. Consultants. Potomac Recruiting is different. We go to great lengths to learn about our clients’ corporate culture. This allows us to match the best candidate with the intricacies of an organization, a fit that will create a long-term solution. Because we have the resources and a staff with deep roots in many industries, we can tailor every search we conduct to a client’s specific goals. Our approach works; of the people we have placed, 93 percent of them remain on the job within the first three years of employment. We back up our work with a guarantee for all clients. Learn more about what differentiates Potomac Recruiting and makes us the best choice for your corporate search needs. 




Candidates looking for a new career or a fresh start:

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Employers looking to add superior talent to their team:

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About Us

Potomac Recruiting consultants are specialists in talent. Our experienced consultants are passionate about finding the right people for your business—that’s the Potomac Recruiting advantage. We specialize in finding the people who will help your business exceed its goals, and our success is measurable: in today’s fast-moving world Potomac Recruiting is proud that our retention rate is 93%.  

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