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No two companies are the same. While two corporations may be in the same industry—providing the same product or service—they each have a unique corporate culture, which means their staffing needs are different. The approach we take with one client, therefore, is entirely different than the approach we take with another client. At Potomac Recruiting, we take the time to research and understand your corporate culture, allowing us to find the best candidates to match your company’s philosophy. By learning the nuances of your corporate culture, we are able to tailor our search to find specific candidates who provide the best fit, not just for a position in your firm, but also for your company’s values and vision for the future. And because our team specializes in so many fields, we understand the industry in which you operate and can create a unique talent search to match your needs.

Every executive search Potomac Recruiting conducts is given senior-level attention. We never pass off your staffing duties to junior-level employees. That means our top talent works hard to find you top talent.

Behavioral interviewing, in which candidates are questioned to find out how he/she would behave in work-related situations, has existed since the 1970s with increasing use by employers and search firms. At Potomac Recruiting, we use a three-step behavioral interview process to evaluate a candidate’s workplace experiences and behaviors to determine an applicant’s potential for success. We identify job-related experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities that our clients have pinpointed as necessary in a particular position. And because we excel at this process, the likelihood that candidates are properly screened is greatly increased. (Studies have shown that the behavioral model of interviewing is 55 percent predictive of future on-the-job behavior versus traditional interviewing which is only 10 percent predictive.)

We are so sure that our processes and techniques are effective in finding the right candidate for your company that we stand behind every talent search with a guarantee.

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Potomac Recruiting consultants are specialists in talent. Our experienced consultants are passionate about finding the right people for your business—that’s the Potomac Recruiting advantage. We specialize in finding the people who will help your business exceed its goals, and our success is measurable: in today’s fast-moving world Potomac Recruiting is proud that our retention rate is 93%.  

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