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In today’s volatile job market, you should always be in the driver’s seat, making decisions about where you want your career to go and how you want to get there. Your resume should be kept updated. Your social media networks must be active. And your personal connections should be kept current. All of these pieces will make the hurdles less daunting when you’re ready to look for a new job. Potomac Recruiting provides a complete package of solutions to assist you with your career goals and your job search, including:

  • resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile writing (as well as assistance with Facebook and Twitter)
  • job search assistance
  • career services

Our customized one-on-one assistance is designed to boost your career in areas in which you need help. We can help you design your job search, identify companies that might be a good fit for your background and expertise, and work with you to ensure you are leveraging your connections to gain entrée to those companies.

Job searches can be overwhelming. Potomac Recruiting has designed a process to manage your job search using a simple, step-by-step formula, including:

  • social network assistance (developing and leveraging a network of contacts)
  • career counseling services
  • interview assistance
  • career coaching

Let our experts provide you with the guidance and direction you need to take control of your career, find a new job and ensure that you stay in the driver’s seat.


Career Consulting

Potomac Recruiting is one of the Washington, DC region’s most experienced career-consulting firms. A team of experienced Potomac Recruiting professionals is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex issues in your field, regardless of what stage you are in your career. Our career consultants take the time to understand your strengths and provide guidance tailored to your interested, goals, personality and abilities.


Social Media

Research shows that approximately 45 percent of employers use social media to assess and identify job candidates. In fact, it is essential that today’s job seekers understand and strategically utilize such social media sites at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

The experts at Potomac Recruiting can assist you with:

  • Marketing and branding yourself to a targeted audience
  • Updating or creating traditional job search documents (resumes, cover letters)
  • Building and maintaining your social and professional networks

Resume Services

A good resume does more than list your educational and professional accomplishments. A good resume tells a story of where you’ve been and, more importantly, where you’re going professionally. Your resume is a roadmap for potential employers to follow, giving them insight into your personality, your values, your competencies and your decision-making skills. Potomac Recruiting offers professional resume and cover letter-writing services, career development, career transition support, and training/job outplacement assistance that will differentiate you from the competition.

Your resume is often the first point of contact you have with a potential employer. It is effectively an “advertisement” of your skills, knowledge and experience. Your resume is a critical piece in determining whether or not you receive an interview. It should be polished and professional, both in words and appearance, and it should be flawless, thoughtful and persuasive, as it is a sales tool in your job search. Without these qualities, your resume will likely be passed over.

Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing piece for you. The resume you send for specific job openings should be appropriate for that available position. Potomac Recruiting can help you determine if you are best served by creating a targeted, chronological, functional (or a combination) resume that makes you stand out as a superior candidate. If you face fierce competition, a resume prepared by Potomac Recruiting will most likely result in interviews with greater frequency than other, more qualified candidates.

Potomac Recruiting can also assist you in creating a strong resume if you want to change careers. This resume services applies if you want to:

  • update your resume if you haven’t done so in a while
  • write your first resume if you have limited professional experience
  • compile a career summary for Board searches

Interview Training

Interviewing does not come naturally to many people. But with practice, interviewing is a skill that can be perfected, whether you’re a young professional or top-level executive. Potomac Recruiting offers outstanding interview training and mock practice sessions. Our interview training offers candidates clear and specific feedback to enhance your interviewing skills and help you to become prepared, comfortable and confident.

Our 60-minute training session provides:

  • an introduction to the targeted industry from an employer’s point of view
  • a targeted strategy session that includes talking points, interview style suggestions and a list of possible questions to consider during your interview
  • a one-on-one mock interview with a Potomac Recruiting interview coach and career counselor
  • an debriefing session on your mock interview, including a behavioral assessment, to highlight your strengths and weaknesses

Our 90-minute training session provides all of the above plus Potomac Recruiting’s premier resume services.

LinkedIn is the number one site for professional networking. Everyone in the workforce should have an up-to-date and thorough LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile acts as your career’s website and your online resume. It must contain relevant, detailed information with everything a potential employer needs to know about you at a glance. Potential employers will compare your LinkedIn profile with your resume; the information on both should be the same. Potomac Recruiting’s experts understand the nuances of a strong LinkedIn profile, one that will get you noticed. Using our time-tested methods, we can provide individualized, one-on-one service to help you write (or re-write) your profile to maximize your connections and network.

Facebook can be a great way to link with current or former colleagues. The social media site also serves as a vehicle to connect with people you’ve known, people that you’ve met casually, and companies that you would like to know more about. Prospective employers, on the other hand, often use social media sites such as Facebook to evaluate prospective employers by the content they post. Your profile, images, videos, hobbies, and interests are frequently interpreted as a reflection of you the candidate. Potomac Recruiting can help you learn to actively use Facebook as a professional networking tool. We can educate you on the proper management of your content and ways to protect your privacy.

Twitter can be useful during a job search as well. If you understand how to follow, filter and post tweets, Twitter affords you opportunities to share messages and gain exposure with potential employers. It also allows for the creation of a large, interconnected network of companies and professionals. As Twitter becomes increasingly popular, Potomac Recruiting can help you to actively navigate this social media site so as to benefit your job search.

MilitaryPrivate Sector Transition

xxxWhether you spent two years at the IRS or 20 years in the Navy, the pressures of transitioning to the private sector are tremendous when your service in the military or with the Federal government ends. From the daily dress code to communication skills, most things are vastly different from what you have grown accustomed to. Potomac Recruiting can help. We have a staff of knowledgeable experts who have also transitioned from the military and/or the Federal government, experts who understand the dramatic changes involved. Let our experts assist you in adapting your resume to private sector standards, teach you the proper techniques for writing cover letters and run mock interviews to help you perfect your pitch and acquire confidence.

With our experts, you will learn to identify the type of private sector career best suited for you. Potomac Recruiting will help you uncover hidden facets of your skills, determine where you can best leverage your capabilities to grow over the long term, and most importantly, figure out where you would be happiest to work. Our holistic approach emphasizes that you are not merely changing jobs…you are beginning a new phase in your life. We want to help you succeed in finding the job and career you want—a career that balances your goals and desires with the current state of the market—and lands you where you want to be.


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