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Great companies have great leaders. Great leaders have a vision for their organization and can create a clear plan to turn that vision into reality, including the construction of a solid team. Our leadership coaching will help the leaders in your organization to develop and implement such a vision and a plan. Good leaders also need decision-making and interpersonal skills, agility, an appreciation of diverse cultures and an understanding of how to leverage technology. Our state-of-the-art leadership coaching methods help to prepare and assist your firm’s next generation of leaders.

We teach the people at the management level to determine their objectives as strategic leaders by offering a perspective other than what has been the norm inside your company. An external perspective allows you and the leaders in your firm to build the best team to support those goals. We work with you to build the team you envision. During this part of the process, we talk you through the human dimension of constructing a team, including how to avoid the pitfalls of pulling in the people you like versus the people who are best for the team.

Potomac Recruiting’s Leadership Strategies offers:

  • Leadership development and strategic planning
  • Assist a strategic leader to determine what constitutes the best team to support his/her efforts.
  • Executive coaching for leaders and teams
  • Mentoring solutions
  • Workshops and learning events that expand the capabilities of your leadership team
  • Organizational strategy consulting, with the ability to provide both diagnostic analysis, strategic advice and actionable “road maps” regarding such issues at culture, governance, organizational design, talent management and development, diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership and coaching services for professional women and veterans entering the private sector
  • Customized programs tailored to address the core issues of your organization

The experts at Potomac Recruiting provide executive coaching and leadership strategies to Fortune 500 companies, professional services firms, non-profit organization and small- to mid-size businesses.

Let us help you achieve your goals as well.


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