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How Women can Best Prepare to Sit on a Corporate Board

Getting a seat on a corporate board is a prestigious accomplishment, and, as such, requires a lot of careful planning and preparation.  This is especially true for women, who only hold approximately 20.2 percent of corporate board seats among Fortune 500 companies .  One of the key functions of an effective Board of Directors is representing company stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, therefore a diverse, inclusive Board that combines a variety of skills and viewpoints is crucial.  With that in mind, we’ve compiled some tips and advice on how women can prepare to sit on a corporate board. One: Develop your Personal Brand All Board candidates must have a strong personal brand and value proposition that differentiates them from the pack, and you must be able to articulate this both in person and through your board-specific résumé.  Identify your strengths and correlate them with the experience you have gained...
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CEO Succession Planning

          Is your company prepared if the CEO needed to step down tomorrow?  What if your senior executives were wooed away to another company and gave you “two weeks notice” today?            Companies that have a clear road map for such eventualities are able to survive and thrive during periods of internal transition and change, rather than being mired in confusion and chaos as they adjust to new leadership.          The key to succession planning is preparing the entire organization for the changes that inevitably will develop.  Having a solid plan in place to ease the transition from one CEO to another is vitally important for the health and success of your organization.  While it may seem premature to develop a plan without knowing whether or not you will need it, waiting until you know a transition is coming...
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The Importance of a Lead Director

The Lead Director role is a relatively new one, having only been established by the New York Stock Exchange about six years ago, but is quickly becoming a crucial position on corporate Boards of Directors. A Lead Director is responsible for acting as an independent chief among Board members and ensuring that the Board functions smoothly, among a myriad of other crucial tasks, including directing CEO succession planning and acting as a liaison between the CEO and the Board.  Increasingly, Lead Directors are taking on active roles during corporate crises, doing everything from calling and presiding over emergency sessions to dealing with underperforming directors.  Though the position is still evolving at this point, Potomac Recruiting has provided a sample list of duties a Lead Director can help fulfill: 1.        Chair Board and Independent Directors meetings, set agendas, and collaborate with the Chairman and CEO to do so 2.       ...
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The Path Towards Sustainable Growth: The Main “Ingredients” of an Effective Board of Directors

Establishing a Board of Directors is an important step towards business development and growth.  Not only do board members give integral advice and support to the CEO, but they also help to create strategy based on their extensive knowledge in various fields. Another notable feature is that these Boards act as a check against executive power, in order to ensure accountability. To have a strong and effective Board there are two main “ingredients”: Choosing the Right Model of Governance, and Selecting the Right People. Choosing the Appropriate Governance Model: First, when setting up a Board of Directors, one must decide on a particular Governance Model, which establishes the structure and responsibilities of the Board. Governance Models are divided into specific categories like the managerial, representative (geographic), and proactivity models. However, upon implementation, most businesses customize their board’s functionality to meet their own needs.   Mel Gill, President at Synergy Management and...
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Guide to Crafting a Successful Board of Directors Résumé

A Board of Directors résumé is a showcase of your executive and strategic experience that should highlight the ways you can add value at the highest level of an organization, and so must follow a different format from a traditional résumé to be effective. An effective Board résumé will show what you can do for that specific Board, not just where you have been in the past, and should highlight leadership skills and build a business case for how you can contribute to the Board’s oversight functions.  Potomac Recruiting has put together a short list of tips to help you draft a winning Board résumé, and our experienced résumé professionals are available for all of your questions! Tip 1: Start with a Blank Slate                 Don’t try to base your Board résumé on your existing résumé—start from scratch and take a fresh approach, as cutting and pasting from your existing...
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