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Importance of C-Suite Succession Planning Beyond the CEO

Last week we focused on the importance of CEO succession planning and some steps you can take to make sure you’re prepared for expected—and unexpected—CEO departures, but CEOs are not the only senior executives whose departure would negatively impact your company.  Every business should have a solid plan for the entire senior executive team.  All senior executives are important for the strategic direction of the company, and often have niche knowledge or specialties.  Losing a CFO or COO can be just as devastating for the business as being without a qualified CEO.  Plus, if part of your CEO succession plan involves moving a CIO or COO into the role of CEO, you’ll have to find a way to fill that senior executive vacancy you just created!  With that in mind, Potomac Recruiting has crafted a list of four tips to help you create a comprehensive C-suite succession plan: Tip 1:...
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CEO Succession Planning

          Is your company prepared if the CEO needed to step down tomorrow?  What if your senior executives were wooed away to another company and gave you “two weeks notice” today?            Companies that have a clear road map for such eventualities are able to survive and thrive during periods of internal transition and change, rather than being mired in confusion and chaos as they adjust to new leadership.          The key to succession planning is preparing the entire organization for the changes that inevitably will develop.  Having a solid plan in place to ease the transition from one CEO to another is vitally important for the health and success of your organization.  While it may seem premature to develop a plan without knowing whether or not you will need it, waiting until you know a transition is coming...
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