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Coping With Office Politics

Unless you’re self-employed (and maybe even then!), chances are high that you will have to deal with at least some form of office politics.  Some people thrive on office politics and seem to be easily able to navigate the in-groups and out-groups, informal networks of influence, and dynamics of power that characterize office relations.  Others prefer to remain on the outskirts and focus on keeping their heads down and getting their work done without drama.  Whether you love or hate office politics, though, escaping is nearly impossible if you hope to move up within the company.  It isn’t enough simply to do good work – you have to make sure that the right people know about how good your work is, demonstrate that you can build team cohesion, and ensure that you are the one receiving credit for your ideas.  So, this week our experts have looked into some steps...
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The Importance of Creating a Culture of Ethics

In today’s business world, more than ever, it is crucial that business leaders establish a culture of ethical behavior within their workplace. Without values such as trustworthiness, responsibility, and respect, every company is susceptible to many forms of misconduct in the workplace.  Company executives have a responsibility to instill these good values and morals in their culture—and to set a good example by adhering to their own rules!  Instilling this culture of ethics is most effective when employers begin to make these values clear from the time employees are hired.  With this in mind, Potomac Recruiting has compiled a guide to building a culture of ethics in the workplace: The first step in creating an ethical workforce comes during recruiting .  One of the most important aspects of business today is having employees that you can trust, so when hiring look for candidates who have exhibited ethical behavior in the...
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