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Items Not to Include on your Résumé

In  previous   blog posts we have helped you figure out how to put your best face forward and make your résumé truly shine, so this week we’ve asked our experts to think about the biggest résumé gaffes they’ve seen over the years and put together a list of items you should avoid if you want to be taken as a serious candidate.  Of course there’s no “one size fits all” résumé, so having one or two of these items isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker – especially if you’re applying for a non-traditional position.  However, if you’ve been struggling to land even an introductory phone interview, we hope this post will help you shape up your résumé and land that dream job! One: Social Media Links Including a link to your LinkedIn or Facebook account is becoming “trendy” among job seekers, but unless you’re applying for a creative position where your...
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Tips for Effective Coaching

Coaching or mentoring employees is an important skill for a manager – or anyone responsible for supervising a team – and a large industry has popped up around the process of teaching people how to become good coaches.  Training seminars, workbooks, and online courses are all available for those seeking to hone their abilities, often at a substantial cost, but becoming an effective coach does not have to be difficult!  We’ve put together some simple tips that anyone looking to brush up on their coaching skills can follow. Tip 1: Delegate Tasks Meaningfully It’s hard to coach someone without first giving them something on which to be coached, so the best place to start is by delegating work.  It isn’t enough to just randomly assign tasks, though.  When delegating work with the goal of coaching an employee, pick a task that fits well with their interests, has concrete milestones, and...
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How to Simplify Your Job Search

We’ve been focusing quite a bit on résumé writing over the last few weeks, but there’s a lot more to job searching than just your résumé.  Networking and researching, for example, take up a significant chunk of every job seeker’s time, as does hunting for job openings.  So, we’ve put together some tips for those looking to simplify their job search and make the most of every day spent searching.  Tip 1: Get Organized The best way to simplify your job search is to spend some time organizing everything you will need.  This initial time investment will save you a lot of time down the road!  Set up dedicated folders for various versions of your résumé and cover letter, create a calendar system to help you manage your time, and identify the companies or roles you will target during your search.  Keep notes of your top criteria for a job,...
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Top Five Factors to Consider When Deciding to Accept a Job Offer

Congratulations – you’ve made it through the toughest part of the job hunt and finally have some offers! But now it’s time to consider those opportunities. This can pose its own set of challenges, as every company will have unique qualities to it that are hard to compare to others. What may be apples in one business can appear to be oranges in another, and trying to weigh the pros and cons can become as overwhelming as the search itself. Through our experience in finding the best fit for a wide-variety of talented people, Potomac Recruiting has narrowed down a list of the top five most important items you need to consider before signing that contract. The Environment: Are you looking for a fast-paced environment like a corporation, the rewards of working for a non-profit, the stability and focus of a government agency, or do you want the challenge and long hours of a start-up? These...
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Achieving and Maintaining Effective Talent Management

Talent management is a broad way of stating “having the right people in the right place at the right time,” and this complex process requires a good deal of strategic planning and critical thinking.  We’ve developed a list of five tips we hope will prove useful to help you make sure you’re effectively managing your talent or if you’re not sure where to start! Tip One: Talent Management Starts Before Recruiting A sound talent management plan is firmly rooted in overall business goals and strategies, so step one should be to sit down—either by yourself or with your team—and outline your company’s organizational goals.  Once this is done, you will be in a position to develop individual and team goals that align with these overall corporate goals, which is helpful for several reasons: 1) It provides a set of performance benchmarks that can be used to evaluate whether or not...
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The Importance of a Lead Director

The Lead Director role is a relatively new one, having only been established by the New York Stock Exchange about six years ago, but is quickly becoming a crucial position on corporate Boards of Directors. A Lead Director is responsible for acting as an independent chief among Board members and ensuring that the Board functions smoothly, among a myriad of other crucial tasks, including directing CEO succession planning and acting as a liaison between the CEO and the Board.  Increasingly, Lead Directors are taking on active roles during corporate crises, doing everything from calling and presiding over emergency sessions to dealing with underperforming directors.  Though the position is still evolving at this point, Potomac Recruiting has provided a sample list of duties a Lead Director can help fulfill: 1.        Chair Board and Independent Directors meetings, set agendas, and collaborate with the Chairman and CEO to do so 2.       ...
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What About Your Career Keeps You Up at Night? Part 2

Part 2 of our two-part series “What About Your Career Keeps You Up at Night” discusses two additional worries, not covered in Part 1 ( available here ), that could be causing you to toss and turn all night.            It may seem like finding a job will solve all of your problems when you’re unemployed, but at Potomac Recruiting we understand that there are a myriad of things that come up over the course of your career that can cause just as much stress as job hunting or looming bill payments.  If you’re facing one of the issues below, one of the issues we covered last week, or something entirely different, don’t hesitate to reach out! 1. My Company Might be/is about to be Sold—what do I do?           Whether you’ve heard rumors that your company is about to be bought...
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What About Your Career Keeps You Up at Night? Part 1

In the midst of a stressful job hunt it may feel as if finding a position will be the answer to all of your prayers, and once you finally land that perfect job your worries will disappear. Finding a job is not always a panacea, though.           Once you do secure a job you may find that the worries that once kept you up at night, like looming bills or the fear that you will never work again, have simply been replaced by new worries, which leave you just as stressed—and sleep deprived—as you were before. To help you move forward, Potomac Recruiting has highlighted several common stresses you may face and outlined some strategies to help you tackle them. Three worries will be addressed in Part 1 of this two-part series, and the remaining two will be discussed next week in Part 2! 1. Taking...
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