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Creative Ways to Build a Talent Pipeline

Building a talent pipeline is a crucial way to ensure your company doesn’t get caught in a lurch by a sudden departure or a new project that requires additional manpower, as an effective talent pipeline will contain highly qualified individuals who are ready to quickly assume a position.  Creating a solid pipeline requires a lot of effort, though, as candidates are not available indefinitely – they will find new jobs, move across the country (or globe), or do something to demonstrate that they would not be a good employee after all – and therefore you will need to constantly review and update your pipeline.  Doing so doesn’t have to be tedious, though!  We’ve put together a list of some unique, creative ways to make sure there is a steady stream of candidates expressing interest in jobs with your firm, and who you can add to your talent pipeline. Tip 1:...
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Reducing Employee Turnover

It’s no industry secret that employee turnover and “job hopping” are on the rise, with fewer people choosing to stay with the same company for the entire length of their careers, as was once common.  This does have some benefits, as employees are gaining a wider variety of experiences and skills which they can apply to each new workplace, but can hinder company growth – especially for small companies.  With that in mind, we asked our HR experts to come up with some tips for reducing employee turnover and improving long-term retention rates.  Tip 1: Review compensation and benefit packages regularly Higher salaries and more attractive benefit packages are regularly cited by job hoppers as some of the top reasons they accepted a new position, so employers can cut down on this motivation by regularly reviewing compensation packages.  Review industry trends to make sure that your employees are being paid...
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Steps to Build Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is crucial for growth, but unfortunately there is no cookie-cutter, tried-and-true path to success.  The steps you will have to take to increase brand awareness for your business will vary based on your market, your target audience, where you are looking to grow, and your current position, among many other factors.  That said, this week our experts have put together some general steps for building brand awareness using social media that we hope you will all find useful, and we are available to discuss any questions or concerns about increasing brand awareness within your specific niche! 1. Research your Social Media Platforms These days, everyone knows the power of social media to make or break a brand.  The key to successfully improving brand awareness through social media, though, is to research the market you would like to expand and chose platforms that will allow you to publish...
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Working with an Independent Contractor

Bringing in an independent contractor for a specific project is an excellent way for small businesses to reduce overhead and save money: the hiring process isn’t as extensive, you don’t have to provide benefits, and you won’t be stuck paying a fixed salary to an employee who’s wasting time all day long because the work you hired them for is done.  However, you also have less control over an independent contractor, and since contractors are typically used for short-term projects, you may face a high level of turnover.  And of course, there are legal challenges!  Be sure to read up on local, state, and federal regulations on what constitutes an independent contractor and what laws are in place, and consult with legal counsel if you still have questions. With these pros and cons in mind, Potomac Recruiting has put together some tips for working with a contractor: 1)Always Establish Clear...
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Importance of C-Suite Succession Planning Beyond the CEO

Last week we focused on the importance of CEO succession planning and some steps you can take to make sure you’re prepared for expected—and unexpected—CEO departures, but CEOs are not the only senior executives whose departure would negatively impact your company.  Every business should have a solid plan for the entire senior executive team.  All senior executives are important for the strategic direction of the company, and often have niche knowledge or specialties.  Losing a CFO or COO can be just as devastating for the business as being without a qualified CEO.  Plus, if part of your CEO succession plan involves moving a CIO or COO into the role of CEO, you’ll have to find a way to fill that senior executive vacancy you just created!  With that in mind, Potomac Recruiting has crafted a list of four tips to help you create a comprehensive C-suite succession plan: Tip 1:...
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Achieving and Maintaining Effective Talent Management

Talent management is a broad way of stating “having the right people in the right place at the right time,” and this complex process requires a good deal of strategic planning and critical thinking.  We’ve developed a list of five tips we hope will prove useful to help you make sure you’re effectively managing your talent or if you’re not sure where to start! Tip One: Talent Management Starts Before Recruiting A sound talent management plan is firmly rooted in overall business goals and strategies, so step one should be to sit down—either by yourself or with your team—and outline your company’s organizational goals.  Once this is done, you will be in a position to develop individual and team goals that align with these overall corporate goals, which is helpful for several reasons: 1) It provides a set of performance benchmarks that can be used to evaluate whether or not...
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The Path Towards Sustainable Growth: The Main “Ingredients” of an Effective Board of Directors

Establishing a Board of Directors is an important step towards business development and growth.  Not only do board members give integral advice and support to the CEO, but they also help to create strategy based on their extensive knowledge in various fields. Another notable feature is that these Boards act as a check against executive power, in order to ensure accountability. To have a strong and effective Board there are two main “ingredients”: Choosing the Right Model of Governance, and Selecting the Right People. Choosing the Appropriate Governance Model: First, when setting up a Board of Directors, one must decide on a particular Governance Model, which establishes the structure and responsibilities of the Board. Governance Models are divided into specific categories like the managerial, representative (geographic), and proactivity models. However, upon implementation, most businesses customize their board’s functionality to meet their own needs.   Mel Gill, President at Synergy Management and...
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Guide to Crafting a Successful Board of Directors Résumé

A Board of Directors résumé is a showcase of your executive and strategic experience that should highlight the ways you can add value at the highest level of an organization, and so must follow a different format from a traditional résumé to be effective. An effective Board résumé will show what you can do for that specific Board, not just where you have been in the past, and should highlight leadership skills and build a business case for how you can contribute to the Board’s oversight functions.  Potomac Recruiting has put together a short list of tips to help you draft a winning Board résumé, and our experienced résumé professionals are available for all of your questions! Tip 1: Start with a Blank Slate                 Don’t try to base your Board résumé on your existing résumé—start from scratch and take a fresh approach, as cutting and pasting from your existing...
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What About Your Career Keeps You Up at Night? Part 1

In the midst of a stressful job hunt it may feel as if finding a position will be the answer to all of your prayers, and once you finally land that perfect job your worries will disappear. Finding a job is not always a panacea, though.           Once you do secure a job you may find that the worries that once kept you up at night, like looming bills or the fear that you will never work again, have simply been replaced by new worries, which leave you just as stressed—and sleep deprived—as you were before. To help you move forward, Potomac Recruiting has highlighted several common stresses you may face and outlined some strategies to help you tackle them. Three worries will be addressed in Part 1 of this two-part series, and the remaining two will be discussed next week in Part 2! 1. Taking...
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Small Business Success = Planning Your Hiring Strategy!

Small businesses struggle with growth for many reasons, including, perhaps ironically, failing to plan for growth and the necessary hiring that will entail. Large companies have the resources to hire on an ad hoc basis and the ability to move existing employees to new positions as necessary, but small businesses must run more leanly in order to survive and typically don't have the access to the same amount of liquid funds.           Operating within these narrower margins means that small companies often lack wiggle room in the budget to bring on an extra employee to deal with a new client or to create a new role for a current employee, and this can damage growth: small organizations may find themselves failing to win new business, or even losing old business, because when the critical time comes around they don't have the right people in place.  ...
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