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Recruiting Cyber Personnel as a Small Business

Recruiting cyber and IT security personnel is becoming more important for businesses of all sizes, particularly as companies become increasingly reliant on the internet for daily tasks.  Unfortunately, the talent pool of cyber professionals has not yet caught up with the demand, leading to competition between government agencies like DHS and the CIA, who are also working on ramping up their cyber capabilities, and private industry.  To help you attract—and retain—talented cyber professionals, Potomac Recruiting has put together a list of a couple items to keep in mind as you plan for your future hiring needs. 1.        Target your Recruiting Efforts Cyber programs are becoming more common in universities as demand for young professionals with these skills grows, and small businesses can take advantage of this by hiring cheaper college-level personnel, rather than trying to attract experienced cyber professionals.  To get the biggest benefit, do some market research to...
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How to Offer Hiring Perks on a Budget

We touched last week on the topic of offering non-monetary or low-cost bonuses to improve employee engagement , so this week it seems natural to discuss how to offer hiring perks on a tight budget. We’ve all heard about some of the massive packages new hires at large corporations like Google and Facebook receive: large monetary bonuses, gym memberships, company cars, relocation bonuses, and so on.  If you’re a small business or feeling the crunch of the economic downturn, you may be worried that you’re losing out on talent because you can’t afford to offer lucrative deals to attract top employees.  Don’t get discouraged—there are plenty of low-cost perks you can offer that will appeal to everyone!  We’ve put together a list of 10 simple perks that will help you attract new employees—and keep your existing employees happy and productive! Offer Flexible Hours: Letting potential new hires know that they...
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