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Building an Effective Team Part Two: What to Do

Last week we took a look at some common missteps managers make when trying to encourage their teams to work together and perform well, and outlined why these issues can be detrimental to a team environment.  As promised, this week we’re flipping things around and offering a guide on things to do to build an effective team that is cohesive, high-performing, and communicative. One: Evaluate Yourself A strong team needs a strong leader, so step one in building an effective team is evaluating your own leadership skills.  It’s important to be honest with yourself at this stage: what are your strengths and weaknesses?  How does your team perceive these strengths and weaknesses?  What can you do to improve and be a more effective leader?  These are all important questions.  And remember, everyone (and every team) functions differently!  If you successfully managed a strong team at one organization and now are...
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Leadership Myths Debunked

Few of us have been properly trained for leadership.  Most people who rise to leadership positions do so because they have been performing well enough to merit a promotion (or several promotions), not because they have studied leadership techniques in school or successfully completed a management training course.  As a result, we’ve seen that many people who find themselves promoted to a management-level position operate under several common myths about what makes a good leader.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common myths, along with our thoughts on why they are misapprehensions and what you can do to become a better leader. Myth 1: Great leaders are born, not made The most common misconception we hear is that some people are born with innate qualities that make them suited for leadership positions, and if you don’t have those qualities you will never...
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Tips for Effective Coaching

Coaching or mentoring employees is an important skill for a manager – or anyone responsible for supervising a team – and a large industry has popped up around the process of teaching people how to become good coaches.  Training seminars, workbooks, and online courses are all available for those seeking to hone their abilities, often at a substantial cost, but becoming an effective coach does not have to be difficult!  We’ve put together some simple tips that anyone looking to brush up on their coaching skills can follow. Tip 1: Delegate Tasks Meaningfully It’s hard to coach someone without first giving them something on which to be coached, so the best place to start is by delegating work.  It isn’t enough to just randomly assign tasks, though.  When delegating work with the goal of coaching an employee, pick a task that fits well with their interests, has concrete milestones, and...
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Tips for Being an Effective Mentor

We have written several articles that briefly touched on the importance of providing mentorship programs to keep your employees engaged with the company and satisfied with their jobs, but we have never discussed the specifics of how to be an effective mentor.  So, we asked our human resources experts to compile a list of some of their favorite tips for becoming a good mentor who guides his or her employees to success! 1)       Be Willing and Able to Clearly Explain what you Know If you want to be a solid mentor, you’re going to have to put yourself in the shoes of your mentee and figure out how to impart your knowledge without using jargon, specialized acronyms, or buzzwords that might be confusing to someone without your level of expertise.  Remember, this person approached you because they want to learn from your experience and one day reach your level,...
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