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Adjusting to a New Job

The end goal of any job hunt is, naturally, to accept a position at a new company – which means adjusting to a new company culture.  This can lead to a difficult transition period, during which time you might feel frustrated or like you’ve made a mistake.  Don’t get discouraged, though!  We’ve put together some tips for dealing with an unfamiliar environment and company culture. One: Don’t Panic It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new job, especially on your first day.  Everything is different: the people, the location, the work, the coffee, and you’re struggling to take it all in and remember everyone’s name and role.  Step one is not to panic.  Yes, it is a lot, but over time you will get everything down – and no one expects you to remember everything right off the bat.  Getting confused or overwhelmed at the beginning is normal,...
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Tips for Reducing Workplace Stress

       We all suffer from workplace stress from time to time, especially in today’s fast-paced environment where you are expected to take on a lot of responsibilities and have constant access to your phone and e-mail.  Here is a simple list of quick steps you can take to help you change the way you approach your work—and your coworkers—and lower your stress levels, making you more relaxed, positive, and productive around the office. Tip 1: Take a Breather – It may sound too simple or too “New Agey,” but next time you find your tension levels rising in the office, give yourself a break and focus on taking deep breaths for 10 minutes.  Even 1 minute can help, if that’s all the time you have!  When e-mails are flowing into your inbox and you feel yourself starting to panic because you have too many tasks to accomplish, taking...
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How to Minimize Workplace Negativity

Negativity in the workplace is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem managers face, regardless of industry or location.  Though every office environment is unique, we’ve put together a list with some straightforward tips for reducing negativity and ill feelings that, hopefully, every manager can implement as part of a strategy to build a positive atmosphere. Tip 1: Provide adequate monetary compensation As an employer, you certainly hope that your workers are coming into the office every day for more than just a paycheck.  You want your employees to find meaning in their work, believe in the company, and get a sense of personal fulfillment from their efforts.  At the end of the day, though, your employees all have to pay their bills, and no matter how much they love their job or the office environment, they will leave eventually if they aren’t making enough to support their families, especially if they’re...
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