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Common Mistakes Companies Make when Hiring

Hiring the right talent is not an exact science: it takes finesse, experience, and a little bit of luck, and at some point everyone is going to make a mistake and hire the wrong person.  Company culture and the type of position being filled also play a role in hiring practices, which adds to the difficulty of creating a one-size-fits-all approach to hiring the perfect candidate every time.  Our hiring experts have, however, noticed a couple of common mistakes companies make during the hiring process, so this week they’ve put together a list of some of the more prominent errors and some simple fixes. Mistake 1: Not knowing what you want It’s impossible to fill an open position with a talented individual who will succeed and help the organization if you don’t know what specific skills, experience, and attributes a qualified candidate will need.  Developing a list of job responsibilities,...
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Tips for Reducing Workplace Stress

       We all suffer from workplace stress from time to time, especially in today’s fast-paced environment where you are expected to take on a lot of responsibilities and have constant access to your phone and e-mail.  Here is a simple list of quick steps you can take to help you change the way you approach your work—and your coworkers—and lower your stress levels, making you more relaxed, positive, and productive around the office. Tip 1: Take a Breather – It may sound too simple or too “New Agey,” but next time you find your tension levels rising in the office, give yourself a break and focus on taking deep breaths for 10 minutes.  Even 1 minute can help, if that’s all the time you have!  When e-mails are flowing into your inbox and you feel yourself starting to panic because you have too many tasks to accomplish, taking...
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Thoughts on Career Satisfaction

         Over the last few weeks we’ve been focusing our articles on non-monetary incentives employers can provide to attract and retain talented workers during a budget crunch , so it’s time to turn the tables and focus on employees and the things they can do to increase career satisfaction.  The difficult job market might make you feel like you need to pounce on the first opportunity that comes along, regardless of whether or not you have any interest in the field or the job itself.  While this may be the case, at least temporarily, there are definitely some steps you can take to increase your career satisfaction in the long run! Tip 1: Figure out Your Career “Non-Negotiables”          Most people have some idea of what their dream career would be, if they had the opportunity to pursue it, but all too often these...
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Building Employee Engagement

In today’s world of budget cuts and economic uncertainty, it’s no surprise that employee engagement is dropping.  Companies are being forced to do more with less, and often that means demanding more of employees without being able to provide bonuses or raises.  This, in turn, is making many employees feel overwhelmed and overworked, and this stress can lead to disengagement and loss of passion at the office.  With this in mind, Potomac Recruiting has come up with some simple tips every manager can incorporate to boost engagement without breaking the bank! Tip 1: Give Out Positive Feedback Whenever Possible Make sure your employees know when they’ve done a good job on a task, even if it’s something small—you’d be surprised how far a public pat on the back can go towards improving morale!  Additionally, encourage employees to give positive feedback to each other whenever appropriate, and to share in accomplishments...
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The Importance of Creating a Culture of Ethics

In today’s business world, more than ever, it is crucial that business leaders establish a culture of ethical behavior within their workplace. Without values such as trustworthiness, responsibility, and respect, every company is susceptible to many forms of misconduct in the workplace.  Company executives have a responsibility to instill these good values and morals in their culture—and to set a good example by adhering to their own rules!  Instilling this culture of ethics is most effective when employers begin to make these values clear from the time employees are hired.  With this in mind, Potomac Recruiting has compiled a guide to building a culture of ethics in the workplace: The first step in creating an ethical workforce comes during recruiting .  One of the most important aspects of business today is having employees that you can trust, so when hiring look for candidates who have exhibited ethical behavior in the...
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Legal Matter or Personnel Problem?

Identifying Risks Occurring Within the Employment Relationship The relationship between an employer and its employees is fraught with many risks, especially for the unwary employer.  These risks include both legal risks, or the risks associated with the laws that govern the employer-employee relationship, and human resource risks, or those associated with human capital issues like hiring qualified employees, administering pay and benefits, and disciplining and terminating employees; both types of risk must be taken into account to effectively manage the employment relationship, as they necessitate different courses of action.  Managing legal risks involves ensuring compliance with all employment laws and statutes, while managing human capital risks involves following best practices in HR to ensure that the employer has the ability to hire the right people, encourage proper performance—and correct performance if necessary—and discipline, or even fire, problem employees. Perhaps the best way to effectively address and manage both types of...
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Hiring the Résumé, not the Candidate, and Other Common Mistakes Government Contractors Can Make

The hiring process is difficult and stressful, whether you’re an experienced HR professional with years of experience or you’re interviewing your very first candidate, and there are numerous financial and legal pitfalls to navigate.            We’ve listed a few common mistakes interviewers make and some easy solutions to assist you in your search for the right employee as well as to help ensure your hiring process is running as smoothly, and effectively, as possible.  Taking the time to do things right might seem more costly up-front, particularly when you have limited resources, but the benefit of slowing down and thinking critically will be evident when you hire the perfect candidate and don’t have to repeat the process again in 3 months’ time.  Mistake 1: Hiring based on the résumé rather than on who is the best fit           Hiring based on the...
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