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Using Social Media to Source Candidates

Social media has become a recruiting buzzword; these days, it seems everyone is sourcing candidates through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  There’s just one problem: there are millions of people on these social networks, and finding the right candidate among the crowd can be difficult – if not impossible – leaving many recruiters and hiring managers wondering how, exactly, they are supposed to leverage this technology to improve their candidate searches.  We’ve put together some tips designed to help you get started and effectively utilize social media sites to identify and reach out to qualified candidates. Tip 1: Take Advantage of Niche Groups So you’re on Facebook and LinkedIn and you want to find a specific kind of person to fill an open position – say a Java developer.  Where do you start?  By searching for relevant groups!  LinkedIn, for example, has hundreds of thousands of Groups professionals can join to...
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How to Simplify your Hiring Process

Hiring new employees is never going to be an easy process: identifying, interviewing, vetting, and on-boarding the right candidate takes time and effort, which pays off in the end, when you are rewarded with a competent and loyal employee.  There’s no need to struggle with an arduous hiring process if it’s leading to difficulties in attracting qualified candidates, though.   Take a look at these tips for simplifying your talent acquisition process, and see how many you can apply to your business! Tip 1: Shorten your application As an employer, you naturally want to have as much information about each candidate as possible before deciding whether or not to spend the time and effort to bring them in for an interview.  If your job application is too long and requires too many steps, though, it can negatively impact your hiring process.  Highly qualified candidates are turned off by lengthy applications that...
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Why your Company Should Utilize Mobile Recruiting Apps

Everywhere you look there is someone engrossed in their phone: tapping a message, scrolling through an article, watching a video – everything can be done on mobile devices.  Additionally, Google has recently changed their search algorithm to ensure that mobile search results favor sites that look good on smartphone and tablet screens.  So why not bring your recruiting efforts into the mobile world and take advantage of the opportunities mobile-optimized websites provide?  To help you figure out what you need to do to optimize your mobile presence, our recruiting experts have put together a list of six key things candidates are looking for in a modern, mobile recruiting page. 1 – Mobile-Optimized Website Not surprisingly, we’ve found that one of the top things candidates would like is a recruiting website that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices.  This goes for hiring managers posting job listings on their company website,...
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How to Advance Your Career during this Global Age with Social Media Tools

In the age of globalization and technology boom, social media tools have made career progression easier and allow for fast and efficient communication with potential employers. LinkedIn is the most essential tool for job seekers and best for facilitating and growing your professional network.           In order to succeed in this fast paced and internet driven society, it is crucial that your LinkedIn page is regularly maintained and up to date; it allows employers and recruiters alike to remain updated on your professional progress and experience. Your page should be neat and easy to read. While you should elaborate on your job experiences, avoid going into detail on insignificancies. You should only elaborate on jobs, internships, academic qualifications, or other details that you believe capture your best qualities and achievements. Remember that this is a tool that should be used to promote yourself and more is...
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How to Maximize your Time During an Unemployed Job Hunting Period

It’s no secret that job hunting while unemployed is stressful and scary, especially if you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time.  Being unemployed during your job hunt does come with some advantages, though.           You have more time to devote to your search, for one, as well as time to take a class or get a professional certification.  To help you make the most of your time as you search, Potomac Recruiting offers these tips for maximizing your productivity during an unemployed job hunting period: 1.  Create a Schedule           During stretches of unemployment it can be tempting to spend the day binging on old episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix rather than spend that time editing your resume and drafting cover letters, but to be productive it is essential to map out your goals and create a...
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