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93% of the people we have placed remain on the job within the first three years of employment. 


about Our Approach

When you need help hiring the best people for your company, you have choices including big firms, small shops, contingency agencies, and consultants. Potomac Recruiting is different from any other company in our industry.

We go to great lengths to learn about our clients’ corporate culture. This allows us to match the best candidate with the intricacies of an organization, a fit that will create a long-term solution. And because we have the resources and a staff with deep roots in many industries, we can successfully tailor every search we conduct to a client’s unique needs.

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Customized Client Approach

No two companies are the same, and we approach each client project with this understanding. 

We learn the nuances of your corporate culture, which allows us to tailor our search to find candidates who will be the best fit, not just for a position in your firm, but also for your company’s values and vision for the future.

Because our team specializes in a wide range of industries, we understand the field in which you operate, and can create a unique talent search to match your needs. Also, every executive search Potomac Recruiting conducts is given senior-level attention. That means our top talent works hard to find you top talent.


Focus on Relationships  

Our high success rate in placement ensures clients return year after year. 

At Potomac Recruiting, we do not take a transactional approach to staffing needs, but rather are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients by successfully delivering on each project. This is aided by our experience working in a wide range of industries, high success rate with placements, and commitment to finding the best candidates for our clients’ specific needs.

Our clients have seen outstanding results in hiring candidates based on the quality of our unique recruitment process, a process we have honed and perfected over time. As a result, we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients.



We help our clients create and maintain a culture of diversity. 

Diversity has become imperative to success in today’s corporate environment. A culture of diversity in the workplace fosters organizational growth, and allows you to attract better talent from around the world.

Diversity also increases ingenuity by bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds and generating creative solutions. The culture of your organization will be transformed into one in which everyone—from executives to new hires—will feel a sense of camaraderie, competency and productivity. In every search we do for our clients, we keep the importance of diversity in the forefront of our placement efforts.

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About Us

Potomac Recruiting consultants are specialists in talent. Our experienced consultants are passionate about finding the right people for your business—that’s the Potomac Recruiting advantage. We specialize in finding the people who will help your business exceed its goals, and our success is measurable: in today’s fast-moving world Potomac Recruiting is proud that our retention rate is 93%.  

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