How to Succeed in Today’s Tough Market

Are you worried about furloughs? The recession? The economy?

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Making the Move from Federal Employment to the Private Sector

Myriad reasons exist why people want to transition from the federal government to the private sector. Some of you want to leverage your earned pension with a private-sector salary. Others want to try a new challenge. And others want a different work-life balance. No matter the reason, you need to ensure your shift from the federal government to private-sector employment goes smoothly. Follow this simple three-step plan and you'll be on your way.

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Be the CEO of Your Career

Successful careers don't just happen. They are managed and created by personal perseverance and careful, strategic planning. Think about where you want your career and personal life to be in 20 years. Retired? A vice president at your company? Running your own business?

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How To Partner With an Executive Recruiter: Part II – Through an Employer’s Lens

Is the sea of résumés that has landed on your desk in response to your employment ad too much to handle? How do you determine which candidates truly possess the talents you need vs. those who just look good on paper.

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How To Partner With an Executive Recruiter: Part 1 - Through a Candidate’s Lens

Forget what you thought you knew about embarking on a job search.

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Tips To Effectively Manage Downsizing

You've cut corners. You've jiggered the budget—twice. You've looked at things from every angle possible. But in today's difficult economic times, sometimes downsizing is the only answer. If your company has reached that unfortunate realization, take care to handle the process in a manner that respects all employees — as well as the company's reputation.

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How To Find The Right Executive Leadership

When a Venture Capital or Private Equity Fund evaluates a company to determine if it will invest in a company, leadership evaluation is a vital part of the due diligence.  Just because a company has a verified and robust pipeline, doesn’t mean the leadership can capitalize on these opportunities.  Often, the absence of successful leadership in areas outside of business development and sales, such as finance and operations, can be JUST AS IMPORTANT! In order for a company to thrive, and grow beyond its  initial start-up gains, it needs to have sophisticated leadership in every arena – business development and sales, operations, finance, legal, and human resources, to success and achieve at the next level.  Regardless of whether the company is looking to grow to $5 million, $20 million, or $100 million in annual revenue. 

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3 Ways To Cushion Our Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff

The "fiscal cliff" – that perfect storm of mandatory budget cuts, expiring tax cuts, and new taxes – looms with all the finality of a New Year's countdown clock.Unless Congress acts by Jan. 1, $600 billion to $800 billion would be cut from the federal deficit. Such a cut – about 20 percent of federal spending – dwarfs any reduction since 1947, when the United States was winding down wartime spending.

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Finding a Job in the Sequestration Shadow

“The plunge over the fiscal cliff!” That is what many in the media are calling the mandatory spending cuts facing the federal government in 2013. It is also known as sequestration, because it would force the Treasury to withhold funds to many government agencies and the only response to that would be for those agencies to start shedding jobs, probably hundreds of thousands of them. If you earn a paycheck from Uncle Sam, you have to be nervous.

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From the Military to the Private Sector: Making the Transition in Four Easy Steps

A brand new study from GE and Syracuse University ( finds that 76% of military personal who are planning to enter civilian life think they will be successful. But, two-thirds of them also think that private sector companies will undervalue their military experience when they start looking for a job. It is a sad day when military members think their skills and experiences will be so undervalued. It does not have to be that way! With a few hints and tips, you can help private sector employers to understand your military career and value how it has prepared you for a significant role in the civilian business world.

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Potomac Recruiting Welcomes Bobby J. Spear as Managing Director of Federal and Military

Potomac Recruiting is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Bobby J. Spear to its staff of senior recruitment professionals. Mr. Spear brings with him a long and distinguished career in law enforcement and security, as well as a highly successful management experience with Integrated Systems Improvement Services, Lockheed Martin, the U.S Air Force National Guard, and the United States Secret Service.

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Potomac Recruiting President, Jenessa Hoffman, quoted in the Washington Post

As demand rises for cybersecurity professionals, so does their pay

The demand for cybersecurity professionals far outstrips the supply of these highly skilled workers in the Washington area, a dynamic which experts and recruiters say is driving up compensation for qualified individuals and fueling fierce competition among employers to land top talent.

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