Why the Best Recruiters Have Learned to Love Data and Technology

Recruiters have embraced data and technology to employ a precision approach to hiring the best candidates—and they love it. Data and analytics in human resources play an increasingly important role in the way that companies approach candidate searches and the hiring process in general. Welcome to the era of digital hiring.

What Makes It So Great

Data and technology searches have become a primary method of recruitment for a plethora of reasons. It provides recruiters with tremendous insight into potential candidates, more so than a traditional resume can.

Big data provides information about candidates that can be easily acquired, such as educational history or former jobs and titles, but also analytical information that recruiters can use to learn more about the trends within the profiles of top-performing employees. For example, an employer can see how a candidate’s career has progressed over time, or notice any patterns and similarities within a candidate pool that may not be intuitive. This information can be used to develop in-depth candidate profiles in order to identify the top characteristics that predict culture fit. Additionally, these candidate profiles can be used to pinpoint the recruitment sources that give the best number of quality hires.

Utilizing the Information

Knowing how to utilize the data is just as important as knowing why it should be used. Data and technology provide recruiters with the ability to adjust hiring strategies for both inbound and outbound tactics with precision.

Recruiters want to create the best consumer experience possible and data analytics help to enhance this. Using historical data to get a better understanding of target candidates can provide insights into ideal market and quality candidates for recruiters.

Additionally, data information creates the opportunity for personalization, such as job postings with content specific to location or field of expertise.  Recruiters that utilize this opportunity can also fine-tune candidate searches in regards to outbound sourcing tactics. Time will be spent on sources that deliver the best results and make initial contact with candidates more personal.

Candidate Searches

The use of digital profiles and social networks as search tools for candidates has opened up a wider talent pool for recruiters.

However, this does create some problems. If people are too easy to find, the marketplace becomes noisy and candidates may be less likely to respond. The best recruiters utilize these sources to stand out and create interest in ideal candidates.

Recruiters can also use data analytics with a multichannel approach to target specific candidates to get the most responses. Analyzing all channels of data information will enable you to get a complete picture of your target candidate, and cater to your needs as a recruiter.

Application Process

Data and technology allows for a swift and easy application process that maximizes the experience of the potential employee. Recruitment marketing technologies, such as candidate job portals or employee referral networks, provide a cost-effective way of hiring optimal talent that makes the process engaging and simple for everyone. 

Staying on top of technological trends and taking advantage of these tools and resources will provide recruiters (and candidates) with substantial benefits going forward. 

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