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In today’s world, corporate governance best practices require unparalleled focus, agility, and depth of experience. Boards of Directors now face a high degree of scrutiny and operate in a challenging economic environment, making it vital that the best people be placed into these crucial roles. With some of the scrutiny Boards face surrounding diversity, particularly women, we are well known for placing qualified female executives to Boards seeking greater representation.


Our network extends over 20,000 people worldwide and we have a 99% level of success and retention of all the Board placements we have made in the last five years.

Potomac Recruiting has a proven track record of success working with Board nominating committees and executive management to identify the best executives, including Chairmen, for their Boards. We have placed Board members in businesses as varied as:

  • Aerospace and Defense companies
  • Technology businesses
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Educational institutions

When conducting Board searches, our team takes into consideration culture, ethics, compensation, and the unique skills that characterize candidates that best suit our clients’ needs and only our Partners run all of our Board searches within the firm.

Our experience includes:

  • Recruiting directors for Boards
  • Building new Boards from scratch
  • Evaluating current Board composition for diversity
  • Presenting talent gap analysis
  • Detailed succession planning

Our 93% retention rate, customer satisfaction, recurring client base, and platinum reputation are all testaments to our success.  

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Potomac Recruiting consultants are specialists in talent. Our experienced consultants are passionate about finding the right people for your business—that’s the Potomac Recruiting advantage. We specialize in finding the people who will help your business exceed its goals, and our success is measurable: in today’s fast-moving world Potomac Recruiting is proud that our retention rate is 93%.  

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