m aAny merger and acquisition activity causes some personnel changes and requires talent assessments. And, from the time the rumors start until the dust finally settles post-acquisition, your company’s employees will be wondering—and worrying—about what’s in store for them. Your most important audience at this critical time is your employee base.

At Potomac Recruiting we are skilled in every aspect of the mergers and acquisitions process for organizations of all sizes. The services we provide include:

  • Identify the hidden talent in your company and the company you are acquiring.
  • Show you how to maintain an open flow of communication to assuage fears and concerns with staff.
  • Address redundancy—which positions will overlap between the two firms if any.
  • Determine what skill sets are necessary for success in key positions and what profiles for the best candidates should be considered.
  • Assess who is best for specific leadership roles and evaluate your existing employee base for talent, as well as non-performers.
  • Establish processes to detect talent throughout your firm, and offer you ways to invest in and promote them going forward.
  • Work closely with your marketing and communications staff to ensure that key messages are disseminated in-house.

Working with Potomac Recruiting will ensure a smooth and successful transition for your organization.

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